Community Eye Candy: Leftovers

November 18th, 2014

In the US, we are preparing for Thanksgiving. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is eating leftover turkey sandwiches & pie for breakfast the next day. In a similar fashion, I hold on to all of my leftover yarns, hoping to make something great with them one day. Here are some projects made from leftovers to inspire you.

First off, a few smaller things. Clockwise from left: TinkerD’s Monsters 2014, Mariaknittedit’s Handspun La Bandita, and yarn cycle’s bug (leftover yarn).

A lot of small things add up to not one but two bigger things in KatColorado2’s Little Sock Ornaments.

Lastly, a few larger projects, from left to right starting at the top: pgreenspan’s Freeform Stashbuster Shawl, Blacky67’s Twin Blanket, and klmag’s Granny’s Old-fashioned Tree Skirt

So, whether you are dealing with leftovers from a family gathering or leftovers from a sweater project, I hope you can make something beautiful out of it!