If you’ve used the Ravelry forums before, you’ve probably noticed the little icons that pop up after you type certain words, we like to call them Rav-moji.  Today’s eye candy was suggsted by the Raveler dustyboyer – items that echo those icons!  And to make it seasonal, I focused on our recent Halloween Rav-moji.

First up, we have some skulls and some candy corn.  Clockwise from top left we have: RaeADay’s Fall hats and scarves, inagaddadonita’s Candy Corn Socks,  Wollsause’s Skull Shawl, and SoulEcho’s Sugar Skull Bag #2.

Next up, we have the haunted houses.  In the top row we have peacockmom’s Haunted House cloth and sweepsheep’s zu Hause im Glück ToLa.  They both used the same pattern, but one with intarsia and one with doubleknitting.  Both are spooky!  And on the bottom there is bronnyaur’s Haunted House, which is an incredible collection of pieces!

And finally, Frankenstein’s monster.  jandcmitch13’s Frankenstein Hat and Diaper Cover is adorable.  As is Pobby’s Halloween Frankenstein Hat.  And knitsublime’s Frankenstein is part of a sweet Halloween tableau.

I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Halloween, and that all Ravelers enjoy our seasonal Rav-moji!