One of my favorite things about Rhinebeck is getting to see all of the beautiful things people have created to wear at the festival. Since I know not everyone can make it out to Rhinebeck, or other similar events, I thought that I would share some of the beautiful creations.

Lots of people take advantage of the beautiful scenery to take some great pictures of their finished objects. We took some of Christina’s new sweater one morning, and noticed others doing the same throughout the day. The leaves make an excellent backdrop.

Clockwise from top left: MinervaTurkey’s Rhinebeck Sweater 2014, tiamatgreen’s Julissa, mandaw’s Beekman, bijouxmaster’s Boxy and Vintage-Rose’s Rhinebeck 2014 Sweater.

The other great thing about Rhinebeck is meeting up with friends, some of whom only see each other in person once a year or have not yet met in person! Here are some great pictures I found in Ravelry projects of people together. You can’t fully see these projects in some of these pictures, so make sure you click through the links under the pictures to see the finished objects for extra inspiration!

Top row (left to right): sarahbee’s Rhinebeck Cardigan and Veriton’s The way to Rhinebeck hat
Middle row: costumechick’s Mom’s rhinebeck hat
Bottom row (left to right): SariMor’s Solstice and MADuNaier’s Entwife Harvest Cloak

And, I ran across this just before finishing the post and had to share it, as well.

Found on notsocrafty’s All Paige’s Fault project page, but if you look in the projects for the pattern, you can find the project notes and more pictures for a few of those seen here. They are amazing!

If you attended NYS&W this year and came by one of our meetups – thank you so much! See if you can find yourself in the group pictures below:

rhinebeck saturday

Saturday we had a huge crowd – next year we’ll have to stand on a bench to get the group all the way back!

Sunday meetup

Sunday’s group – thank you all so much for saying hello! I came home so inspired by the incredible talent of others and I hope this post provides you with a little inspiration, as well.