Community Eye Candy: Get Stuffed

September 9th, 2014

I never get tired of looking at the fun stuffed things that people make on Ravelry. Since my youngest is pretty obsessed with his stuffed animals right now, I found myself browsing them again and couldn’t resist sharing a few with you.

From left to right: Lily-Harlequin’s Quarters and Enphra’s Amineko

Here are carriel1975’s Another Artist Bear, SouthPawKnitter’s Owl for LaNesha and rosijin’s Little Bo-Peep

Finally, I wanted to share a few seasonal guys, too: I-hook’s Ru-ru-Ruddy the Reindeer Ami, kittyvonditty’s Frankenstein’s Monster in Purple, and lissaplus2’s Roly-Poly Snowman

In making this post, my oldest kiddo picked out several things he wants me to make him. It might be time he learns to knit or crochet! Hope you found something you want to make, as well!