Last month I wrote an introduction to forum post formatting, which I (humbly) recommend if you missed it and like posting on the forums. Today I’m following up with some extra tips that I couldn’t fit in last time.


Polls allow you to get the opinions of your fellow forum members on anything you desire.  They’re easy to set up, too!  You start with the word poll and the title, and then type out the poll options as a numbered list.


Do you know about our radar?  You can watch the latest posts from all over Ravelry appear on one page.  It’s a great way to find new groups that seem up your alley!  But what if you want to be able to follow radar without worrying about finding out the latest from your favorite book or TV show?

Posts will be hidden from the radar as having spoilers if they are in a thread with spoiler in the title or SPOILER is in capital letters in the post.


I think a picture illustrates this best.  Enter a [^thing] where you want the footnote in the post, and a matching one at bottom with the actual footnote.


Similarly to footnotes above, definitions are made with a matching bracketed word in the post and below.

Fun Formatting

  • horizontal line: *** or ___ on a line by itself –> a dotted horizontal line
  • strikethrough: <del>word</del> –> word
  • small script: <small>itty-bitty</small> –> itty-bitty
  • large script: <big>large</big> –> large
  • superscript: word<sup>(up high)</sup> –> word(up high)
  • subscript: word<sub>(down low)</sub> –> word(down low)

Full disclosure, I got these tips from the excellent wiki article on using the text editor.  If you found this interesting there are a few more tidbits in there worth checking out!  Just like last time, I have a thread ready for you in the Help group if you want to try out the tips you just learned.  Enjoy experimenting!