This July, during the Tour de France, 2500 spinners participated in the Tour de Fleece and challenged themselves to meet their spinning goals. The result? 4600 spinning projects were completed this month – that’s double the usual number.

Below, we show the work of a few of this year’s TdF spinners. You can browse through more handspun by looking at the yarns that were shared with the TdF group or by searching the tdf2014 tag in stash.

Above: nahlinse’s Cheerful Disposition (fiber from Three Waters Farm) and winksmom’s Linden.

silmiriel’s …and the garden staged a riot (her own fiber from Abeille Fibre Arts) and squiished’s Save Water: Drink Tequila (fiber from Fondant Fibre).

BellyLaugher’s mad hatter (fiber from Becoming Art) and Ravyn78’s Secretly Spiders (fiber from Nerd Girl Yarns)

Above, we have srz’s spindled Ashland Bay 50/50 Yak/Silk and David’s Pumpkin Luggage which is woven two of his handspun yarns, one made from Spunky Eclectic fiber and one from Hello Yarn.

High fives all around – Tour De Fleece moderators, team mods, and everyone who participated :) TdF is such a cool event. You all challenged yourselves, got some good spinning time in and had a lot of fun with it.