It seems like lately I’m constantly packing a bag…a bag for the beach, a bag for camping, a bag for the pool. Here’s a few bags on Ravelry that have caught my eye this week!

Large bags
First off, a few larger bags (from left to right) – erynnedra’s summer bag, CatinaCrochets’ Moroccan Market Tote, and ElkeTeeuwen’s Summer Sling Tote.

Smaller bags
I also ran across a few bags for keeping your smaller treasures – crochet43kidz’ puffy seed stitch purse, RindyRuth’s Le Petit Sacs for sisters, and meigsview’s Shell Carpet Bag.

Colorful bags
Finally, a few bags that caught my eye because of their great use of color! Wickedcrochetlady’s Slump Beach Bag, Talllulah31’s African Flower Shoulder Bag and beckycupcake’s Rainbow Tote.

Whether you are packing for a trip or just heading out for the afternoon, I hope these bags will inspire you to make something pretty for carrying your things, as well!