One thing I love about Ravelry is being able to see your smiling faces (and cats and dogs and shawls and funny quotes) all over the site in the form of your Ravatar.  What’s a Ravatar?  It’s another name for an avatar or a profile picture, a little picture you use to represent yourself all over the site.  Today’s tip is how to upload your own Ravatar.

Step 1: Get to your profile page.

To get to your profile page, click on your username in the upper right corner of the page where it says hiya!

Step 2: Edit your profile.

Click the link under your username that says edit profile.

Step 3: Add a picture

Once you are editing your profile, you’ll want to click in nearly the exact same place on a button that says add profile pics. 

Step 4: Upload a picture

Finally, use the dialog to choose a picture you have saved on your computer, tablet, or phone, and then click the upload button to add it.  The picture will show up on the left side of the screen just under the add profile pics button.  You also have the choice to use a webcam to add a picture, if you have one.

And that’s it!  Now you have a Ravatar to represent you all over the site!  I like to choose a picture of me smiling because I feel like it makes my posts sound friendlier.  Have fun picking something to represent you!

And for those of you that already have a Ravatar, here are some bonus tips.  Did you know that you can manage your existing Ravatars when you’re editing your profile?  Follow steps 1 & 2 above to edit and from there you can remove any Ravatars you don’t want and drag and drop to reorder your gallery of previous profile pics.  I like keeping previous ones around so I can switch quickly if I feel like changing it up.