It’s time for another round of “What Do I Do With That Skein?”, the blog post series that helps you get from cherished skein to beloved finished object.  Last month I posted about looking at projects made from a specific yarn.  Today’s focus is going to be on finding the patterns that have a specific yarn as a suggestion.

To start, let’s go back to our handy yarn page tabs and check out the pattern ideas. (An example.)

On this page I see a listing of patterns that were designed for this yarn, and even examples of projects knit from it!  The filters on this page allow me to narrow down the patterns to a single category, so I can focus my search.

For those of you who love the flexibility of the advanced search, you can perform the same one there.  In the dropdown at the top of the screen there’s a filter called “Suggested yarn name” – filling that out will pull up patterns designed for that yarn.  Then you can sort, filter, and peruse those results to your heart’s content!  (Again, an example.)


I hope you’re enjoying this series and that you’re finding the inspiration to cast on your favorite yarns!