We have a bookmarklet that you can use to quickly transport yourself from a pattern page elsewhere on the web to the corresponding Ravelry page. If the matching pattern page can’t be found, it will instead bring you to the pattern search and fill in the page title as the search text.

To install the bookmarklet on your computer, just drag this button to your bookmarks bar.

ravel it!

An example (using Knitty) is shown below. Click the image to see how it works

If you are on Internet Explorer and dragging doesn’t work, try right clicking and choosing “add to favorites”. You can also use this when mobile if your mobile device syncs from your desktop Safari or Chrome. Chrome on Android users: type “ravel it” into the location bar and activate it from there.

Bonus: you can also use this on Twitter and Instagram to jump to any Ravelry profile that has the matching social site information filled in. Try it out on instagram.com/rainydaygoods or twitter.com/jessicamf.