I often get asked why you should add your stash to Ravelry. Here is one of the many ways having your stash section up to date can be helpful.

When you are looking at a pattern you like, you might want to see what yarns you have from your stash that would work for that pattern. You can do this easily by clicking the “yarn ideas” tab on the pattern page!

If there are items in your stash that might work for the pattern, that will be indicated at the top of the page. You can click “show stashed items” there to see the items in your stash that might work.

Here are a few of mine that come up when you click that link. You will see the images and then information about how many skeins you have of each yarn listed below each yarn image.

This is way easier than digging through that yarn bin (or bins as the case may be) to find out if you have yarn for a project on hand!