Talented and active designers and publishers add new patterns to Ravelry all the time, and our Pattern Highlights feature can be a great way to quickly see new patterns that might be interesting to you!

Pattern Highlights have their own page and a few most recent highlights are also displayed about halfway down the right side of the main Patterns tab.

Customize your Pattern Highlights!


With our recently added Pattern Highlights customization options, you have multiple ways to determine the types of new patterns that are shown to you. Add custom searches, select the crafts you’d like to see, and choose which options on the customization list you want (or do not want!) to see.

Try these customization options!

A couple of neat customization options I wanted to highlight (heh) for this post are the “favorite,” and “newly written up” options, and custom selection. If you, like me, have designers who might as well just keep our PayPal information on file because you want to buy every single pattern they design, you should add those designers to your Ravelry favorites (you can do this from their designer page) and make sure that you’ve selected the top “favorite” option for your pattern highlights customization choices. We’ll show you any new patterns they publish! Selecting “newly written up” patterns will show you new patterns for projects you’ve added to your favorites. If you see a cute project you love for a pattern that is being tested, definitely mark it as a favorite, and we’ll show you the pattern in your highlights once it has been published.

Add your own custom selections!

build custom highlights search

Adding your own custom selections to your highlights will let you build a custom search so you always see new patterns that meet the search criteria you select. Building a custom search for your highlights uses our advanced search filters, so you whether you want to see new patterns for crocheted cardigans in fingering weight yarns, or stranded knit socks (or anything else you can filter and find with Ravelry searches), you can be sure to keep updated on any new patterns for your custom searches.

If you would like to customize your highlights, or if you don’t have any highlights showing for you yet, why not take a moment to create a custom search for yourself? Just click on the “customize your highlights” link on the Pattern Highlights page and you’ll see the option to add your own custom selections. Have fun!