Spring has sprung where I live and things are really starting to get green, which inspired me to look up the green projects people have been working on for this week’s Community Eye Candy.

First off, from left to right: Curiosa’s Cara Mia, mini cooper’s Grisu, and bumblefish’s Crochet Tunic

And a few more recent projects: anis’ On the grass, Norde’s Kvothe im Dschungel, and spaceystacie’s Sneaky Socks

Searching projects by color can be super inspirational. The color you search for isn’t always the dominant color in the project, but it’s really fun to explore the ways people are using their yarn. To search by color, go to the projects search and typing in a color. Color Family search terms will pop up and you can choose the one that is most relevant. You can find more green projects using my green search.