We’ve posted previously about how to share your projects, but I’m going to cover it again because we have some new enhancements!

Let’s recap, how do I make something public again?

To share any item in your notebook, follow the steps below.

Neat!  But I’ve seen all this before.  What’s new?

Really, everything in your notebook.  Fiber stashes are newly shareable!

A public page for all your public projects.  The url for your project notebook – www.ravelry.com/projects/yourusername – shows all your projects to Ravelry users, and all your public projects to visitors who are not logged in.  This page is a nice gallery to share what you create with friends and family who aren’t on Ravelry.


Social sharing!  After you make an item public we give you the option to share it via social media or Ravelry private message.

I look forward to seeing what you share!