Thursday Tip: For my queue

April 10th, 2014

In your Ravelry library, there is a handy feature called “for my queue”. When you go to your notebook tab, then click library, you will see all of the things you have added to your library. On the left of the page is a green box that has different ways to look in your library. “For my queue” is found there under lists.

When you click that, you will see books and magazines that you need for your queue. The default view is “in my library”. So, the first thing it will show you is books and magazines that you already have that include the patterns you’ve decided you want to make. You can also switch this to show you books and magazines you need for your queue that you do not currently have in your library. To do this, just click “not in my library” near the top of that window.

not in my library

My favorite part of this feature is that if there are multiple patterns that I want to make from the same book or magazine, they will show there in that listing. This makes it easy to decide to go ahead and pick up that magazine since I’ll likely make more than one item from it. Here’s what it looks like when there is more than one item from the source that you want to make.

So, the next time you’re going to buy a book or magazine, you might check and see what you need for your queue using this handy feature!