It’s April Fools’ Day!  We like to celebrate by giving you silly hats in the forums, so today’s eye candy will be about the silly hats you create!

First up, some crocheted beauties: honeyorange‘s MD’s Silly Monster Hat, dragonbird‘s Boba Fett’s Malendorian Helmet, and PlayinHooky‘s Along Came a Spider Halloween Beanie.

And check out these knitted ones: ByGumByGolly‘s Fox Isle, Narapoia‘s Fuzzy Rainbow Shapka, and dpwisnewski‘s Lucian’s winter dragon hat.

And finally, hats that make you look like an animal.  How can you not love these? Malkyra‘s Chicken Hat, TheresaMarie1972‘s crawfish, and r-b‘s deer hat.

I hope you enjoyed these hats and that you enjoy the ones in the forums!  (And if not, April Fools’ will be over tomorrow ;)