I just finished a big shawl and started looking for a smaller project for a little instant (or almost instant) gratification. I found myself so inspired by the jewelry projects. They range from simple to intricate and they all add a little something interesting to whatever you are wearing. Plus, they can be completed relatively quickly and can be worn regardless of the weather!

From left to right: MvStraelen’s thread crochet ring, willemijn’s Lakeside Galatea, and anewyarn123’s Little Dots and Spirals Bead Crochet Bangle

There are so many different varieties of earrings! Here are just a few: JAWS320’s Timeless Crochet Earrings, quiltmomoffive’s Precious Hoops, and StrayCrochet’s Simple Peacock Earrings.

Finally, some a few cuffs caught my eye, including katbetty’s MM14: A Sort of St. Patrick’s Day Stereo, bstebick’s Lace Julie Cuff, and genepi’s Curry Cuff.