We are going to begin periodically featuring some of the fun things happening within groups on Ravelry. Recently, almost 8,000 people challenged themselves to work on a project (or many projects) for the 2014 Ravellenic Winter Games, so we thought it would be fun to see some of their creations

Knit Ravellenic
Some of the knit projects that caught my eye are as follows: LilyLilyLily‘s Laneway, miyokomeow‘s my between the cloud, BookcaseHat‘s Grey Sands, and alicealice‘s crazy stripy rainbow socks.

Ravellenic Crochet
There were also some great crochet projects. These selections are greatly influenced by the fact that I am planning to make some stuffies and an afghan soon. They are kedema‘s Ravellenic Games 2014 Blanket, tinypurrsStarburst Bunny, ClodeSuisse‘s Groovyghan, and missworld‘s Chick in a bunny costume X6.

The Ravellenic Games had a lot of great projects. This post barely scratches the surface. You can see them here, by searching for the ravellenic2014 tag in the project search.