This may not be the most exciting tip ever, but I help people on a daily basis who have an old email in their profile and they have forgotten their password. I’m happy to help, but I would love to help prevent that situation in the first place! We use the email address in your profile only to help you if you forget your password, so it is important that you complete that field and that your address is accurate there. To check your address, click on your Notebook tab, then click “about me”.

about me

Then, click “edit your profile”

edit profile

The email address is the very first field there. Make sure that you have an address there, and that it is an address you can access.

One other quick reminder, if you receive message notifications from us and your email address changes, make sure you also update your address in the “email settings” tab of your messages area.

A lot of you have been Ravelers for a while (yay!), and we know that email addresses change over time. Thanks for taking a few minutes to make sure your information is correct so that you don’t lose access to your account!