Sorry, y’all, but down here in Texas it is running season.  I’m loving running when it’s not dreadfully hot, but this season’s colder weather has me wishing I had some knitted running accessories.  So I found myself searching for your activewear FOs this week.

First up, you gotta keep those hands and feet toasty!  runningtwig‘s Catawbas, whatthehay‘s Podsters, and runwithjen‘s Runner’s Sock.  I think fancy running socks are one of life’s greatest luxuries!

Next are the hats!  clairegirl‘s Pink Birdie, elineof‘s Runners beanie, and tjadensr‘s Runner’s ponytail hat.  What a great solution to avoid uncomfortable ponytail/hat collisions.

And finally, some goodies I couldn’t leave out.  shadkitty‘s Pod Protector, Knit24-7‘s Mufflehead, and LauraPNW‘s Future State Champ.  May piped running short never go out of style!

I was able to find all these amazing projects by searching the tags “run” or “running”.  I hope that tags can help you find inspiring projects, too.