Community Eye Candy: Red!

January 21st, 2014

With many Ravelers in the middle of a cold, snowy winter, I wanted to seek out recently finished projects in bright, warm reds for this week’s Eye Candy.

eye candy 3

Above, we have kathj‘s Exterminate!, prelu‘s handspun, handwoven Pretty Blanket, and doublespiral‘s lushious (also in her handspun!).

eye candy 2

From left to right here are u35aap‘s Lin-Lin Shawl, Marie-H‘s felted hat with fat flowers, and Mallinda‘s Lipstick Round my Shoulders.


Finally, we have spoonsnspoolsAran felted mittens, miki7ch‘s gloves, and MiniLaura‘s Polar Vortex protection.

If you’d like to see more beautiful projects that include the color red, check out our advanced project search!