If you spend time looking through Ravelry’s project search, sooner or later you will notice what seems to be a universal feline truth: cats love blocking projects.

Really, who can blame them – what cat wouldn’t want to lie on a handmade blanket, especially if it has a spot of sunshine?

cats and blankets

anna186‘s guernsey wrap, ccfalcons epic stashdown blanket, and knittywood‘s stash buster granny are all 100% cat-approved!

Of course cats, being elegant creatures, appreciate the finer things in life… you know, like lace:

cats on lace

VargenJ‘s Victorian Enchantment Shawl, needlerknitsQueen Anne’s Lace Shawl, and tickleturtle’s Serenity Blanket.

And I’m sure that these cats really cherish their cozy new sweater-shaped resting pads:

cats on sweaters

Pipapo‘s Vanna’s Choice for Heinz, RhowenknitsEnchanted Mesa, and JosieMacG‘s Girl’s Not Grey.

If you’d like to make a project specifically designed for a cat, there are hundreds listed in the Ravelry database – toys, beds, and hats, and more!