Through an accident of real estate we don’t get many trick-or-treaters at my  house, so I’ve been thrilled to see people uploading pictures of their Halloween projects.

First up, I love these Halloween-related accessories.  Yes to seasonal decorations!

From left to right: kellys’ mummy yarn bomb, caseyplusthree’s Bat Garland, and Wineta’s Witch Face.

Next, check out these incredible handmade costume pieces.

From left to right: free2bee’s Madhatter, merboh’s cobweb faerie wings, and pentalia’s Whimsical Witch.

Finally, these costumes all made me smile.  I wish I had seen them at my door!

From left to right: lilianic’s Candy Buttons Halloween Costume, chocky’s Lady Bat, and EmeraldEmpress’ Velma.