As soon as Mary-Heather told me I would have the opportunity to show off some of my favorite projects, I knew immediately what I’d do when it was my turn – matching mama and baby sweaters!  I mean, look at these!

From left to right: offbeatchic’s Bloomsbury, nadia1981’s Water’s Edge, and knitwisepurlwise’s A Very Violet Alice.

And then while I was searching I realized there is also an amazing trove of matching daddy and baby hats.  And how could I leave those out?

From left to right: annettle’s I’ve Taken A Viking To You, halfbrits’ Squared, and cheerylady’s Cousins Hat (okay, these two may be cousins).

Once I was down the rabbit hole, I was powerless against this sweetness.  Matching family sweaters!  Big and tiny feet!  Bolo ties!  Monkey family!

From left to right: Kattak’s Family knitalong top, magentabird’s Socks Just Like Dad’s, lirin’s Dad & Tommy’s Matching Christmas Vests, and mykidsmomx2’s Monkey Hat.

Thanks to all the parents of the kids above for permission to feature their cuteness :)  Seeing all these matching FOs sure made my day, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them, too!