advanced search types

The Ravelry database is the heart of the website, and the pattern browser and advanced search (linked on the top left of our patterns tab) is without a doubt our most popular feature. Using our advanced search, you can filter your pattern search with the 239 filter options for everything from yarn weight to design attributes. But did you know that across the top of the screen in the advanced search, we have advanced searches for things other than patterns as well, with their own filters and sort options to help you find exactly what you are looking for?


From left to right, at the top of the advanced search page, the first options you will see are all related to patterns.

  • patterns searches all the patterns in the Ravelry database
  • projects searches the projects that Ravelry users have added to their notebooks
  • designers searches designers who have patterns in the Ravelry database
  • sources are for pattern sources like books, magazines, ebooks, and websites – things you would find linked on the “published in” field on a Ravelry pattern page
  • yarn related searches

    The next search options are all related to yarn.

  • yarns searches the yarns listed on Ravelry; you can also get to this search quickly from the main yarns tab
  • stash allows you to search the stashes of users on Ravelry, with filters like “available FSOT” (for sale or trade) and even special handspun filters.
  • brands searches yarn brands or companies who have yarns listed on Ravelry
  • community related searches

    Finally, we have the community-related searches.

  • people is where to go to search Ravelry users. If you are friends with someone on another social network and they have that connected in the “social networks” section of their profile, you can search by their username on that network and find them on Ravelry!
  • groups searches Ravelry groups, and you can filter by group category, craft, location, and more.
  • events searches the Ravelry events section
  • forums searches the Ravelry forums, which have a wealth of helpful resources and posts from all of you!
  • We hope these search options help you find whatever information, inspiration, or just plain awesomeness awesomeness you are looking for!